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To Speak to an audio visual expert, please call 0845 094 2199 now.

Is your hall audio system ready for work?

Over the years we have had schools calling us up at the 11th hour in a panic because their school hall PA system isn’t functioning for the opening night.

Why not protect your school by letting Leaf Technology Limited service and support your PA system so you know it’ll be performance ready in time for the event, performance or presentation day.

How does it work?

We offer a flexible level of service to keep your schools PA system running at it’s best with a optional number of healthcare checks depending on the amount of events you usually have throughout the school year.

Initially our engineer will give your hall PA system a full service and health check. This will involve checking all the equipment, batteries, making sure all the microphones are set at the correct frequency and the levels are all set. Once we know the cabinet is functioning, we’ll then check the speaker line impedance and run some test sounds through them. We’ll then make sure everything is all plugged in where it should be, it’s all labelled correctly and ultimately you and your staff are trained and happy on how to use it. Once the engineer has completed the service and you are happy he’ll produce a proposal and maintenance schedule and send it via email and all you need to do is send back an official acceptance and you can relax.

Scheduled visits and ongoing support.

Prior to the scheduled heath check visit our engineer will contact you to make sure the hall and equipment are available to be serviced. Once onsite we’ll run through a series of checks to make sure everything is as it should be, we’ll also discuss any upcoming performances you may have and help out where we can toy make sure you’ll be ready for the opening night.

As a support customer you can ring or email us with any question or problem you may have and as you have a support plan with Leaf Technology, if it’s something that cannot be fixed over the phone we’ll come over and sort the problem.

We support your classroom too!

As well as your hall PA system, Leaf Technology Ltd can also support and maintain your classrooms Audio and Visual Solutions too. Throughout the year your classroom’s A/V equipment will need a little TLC, your projector filter and lens needs cleaning and the whole mount will need re-aligning, the lamp will looking at or potentially need replacing.

By carrying out a few simple but essential maintenance tasks we can dramatically extend the lifespan of your classroom’s A/V assets. But it’s not just he projector, all the A/V technology in the classroom needs looking after too.

    Interactive Whiteboards And Interactive Display Panels
  1. Check the picture alignment with the projector.
  2. Verify all the cables are correct and the board is connected.
  3. Check the software on the connected PC.

    Wall Or Ceiling Mounted Projectors
  1. Check and clean the filter and lens.
  2. Re-align the projector with the board or screen.
  3. Verify all the cables are correct and the connected.
  4. Check the lamp and replace if required.

    Classroom Audio And Soundfield Systems
  1. Check levels and speaker performance.
  2. Battery check on microphones.
  3. Verify Infrared receivers are correctly positioned and functioning.

We also look after visualisers, document cameras and other items of class room A/V technology, for more information call 0845 0942199 or email the office on [email protected] to organise an initial site survey.

Leaf Technology have provided us with a friendly, professional and competent service. They have been easy to deal with and very efficient. Their customer service has also been great; on one occasion they even drove from a job in Norfolk back to our site in West London in time to fix the lighting for our school play! We are really impressed with their service! and would not hesitate to recommend them .

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Leaf Technology was formed in 2006 to supply expert IT and A/V to Education, Government and SME's

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To Speak to an audio visual expert, please call 0845 094 2199 now.

Or why not call us on 0845 0942199 and speak to an engineer