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Phase #1 - New Hall & Music Room

Priory Rise School's initial requirement was to have a PA system that could be used in both their new hall area as well as the Sample Image Sample Image adjacent music room. As the two locations are next to each other we proposed a wheeled cabinet solution which can be transferred between the two rooms and plugged into a wall speaker socket as required as well as auxiliary connectivity for laptops and devices.

As both rooms had suspended ceilings we decided to install ceiling speakers rather than mounting wall units. In the main hall area due to it's angled ceiling we used 4 Tannoy CMS 401's tapped at 30 watts each. In the music room we went for a pair of Tannoy CVS 6's tapped at 60 watts each. The amplifier we went for was an Australian Monitor AMIS120XL which gave plenty of input channels for the 2 wireless microphones both of which are Audio Technica, one a lapel type and the other a baton mic, as well as as CD player and external auxiliary inputs.

“We have been delighted with the new sound system installed by Leaf Technology. The quality of the work is excellent and the staff from Leaf Technology could not have been more helpful, professional and attentive in their service to the school. I recommend their work and product to you unreservedly – indeed we are so pleased with the quality of the sound system in the new hall that we have placed an order to upgrade the existing system in the old hall.” Sue Cox Head Teacher, Priory Rise School

Phase #2 - Main School Hall

The main hall was the second installation, the amplifier in this instance was more powerful due to the larger hall size. In this location we chose an Australian Monitor AMC+250P which inturn was connected to a Australian Monitor MX81 mixer. The amplifier powers 8 Tannoy CVS 4's running at 30 watts.

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Priory Rise School
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Tattenhoe Park
Milton Keynes, MK4 3GE
P: 01908 502572
H: Sue Cox

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To Speak to an audio visual expert, please call 0845 094 2199 now.