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For the consideration of people with impaired hearing, cinemas and theatres should have a sound system installed that satisfies the needs of all their guests. Technical limitations can mean that it is not possible to implement an induction loop system, this is time when an Infrared solution is the perfect fit.

When an infrared sound system is implemented, the sound remains contained in the room where the system is installed. Therefore, we also recommends infrared sound systems for locations where discretion and sound containment are particularly important, such as courtrooms.

Improved sound for guests with impaired hearing

An infrared sound system consists of a number of discreet infrared transmitters, which are mounted on the walls, as well as infrared receivers to be used by the guests. The transmitter carries the sound from the existing sound system to the receivers, so that guests with impaired hearing enjoy the same performance as the rest of the audience.

Advantages for both hearing aid users and non-hearing aid users

The infrared receiver is connected to a neck loop that can be used by hearing aid users. For hearing impaired users not wearing hearing aids, headphones are available.

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To Speak to an audio visual expert, please call 0845 094 2199 now.