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Central to our presentation system is our range of durable, high-quality touchscreens up to 84” and 4K super HD. All screens offer up to ten touch-points and can detect touch from any object. All sizes have the option of an integrated PC.

  • Quality – up to 4K quality (four times the resolution of high definition), with screen sizes ranging from 32” to 84”. All our screen are anti-glare, anti-reflective and anti-friction, providing crystal-clear images, even under bright lights. Unlike projection systems, they do not suffer from shadows caused by presenters crossing the projection beam.
  • Interactivity – used with Genee World’s innovative software applications, presenters/teachers and audiences/students can interact directly with the onscreen content using either dedicated Genee World devices or common tablets and smartphones.
  • Versatility – using infrared detection, G-Touch screens detect touch from any object. Multitouch screens enable multiple users to write, erase and manipulate objects simultaneously (6 or 10 touchpoints depending on model).
  • Save and export – presenters can annotate onscreen information and save this for future use.
  • Connectivity – connect computers, visualisers and other devices directly to the screen and switch freely between sources. Front-facing controls facilitate easy connection.
  • Enduring – built with toughened glass for extreme durability, G-Touch screens are also extremely slim and lightweight for easy portability. Screens offer more than 50,000 hours of life, making them suitable for constant use.
  • Eco-friendly – uses up to 75% less power than a standard projector.
  • Built-in PC option – i3, i5 or i7 PC (Windows licence must be purchased separately).

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To Speak to an audio visual expert, please call 0845 094 2199 now.