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How to boost teaching effectiveness — while relieving workload

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When one of Melissa Spears’ students misses a math lecture because of illness, he walks in the next day just as prepared as the rest of his classmates. How does this busy high school teacher do it?

Instead of spending hours each month going over makeup work for absent students, Mrs. Spears uses her FrontRow Juno® lesson capture system to record her instruction. With a simple voice command, Juno automatically builds a video (often called a "screencast") of whatever she shows on her interactive whiteboard or computer — math solutions, animations, movies, web or document camera, and more. It’s even automatically titled with the right period and subject.


When posted daily to her LMS, kids who missed class can catch up immediately, and students who want a refresher can view the lesson again. “My classes are so much more productive,” she says. “And parents love it. It’s so much easier to help their kids with homework when my examples are right in front of them.”  Mrs. Spears had tried recording lessons previously without success.

FrontRow’s easy one-step process, universal MP4 recording format, and crystal clear audio quality changed everything. Now, she doesn't even need to be at her computer to record, title, and post lessons. “My students just didn’t use my posted lessons until I started recording them with my FrontRow mic,” Mrs. Spears says. “Having clear audio quality is critical.” Because FrontRow Juno automates lesson capture and sharing, it’s shockingly easy to ‘flip’ your classrooms and allow for student-paced learning — without adding more work to a teacher’s day.

Your voice is Juno’s command: capture and distribute content more easily than ever.

Juno® is the world’s most advanced classroom communication tool, combining the convenience of portable audio products with the sound quality of installed systems — and far exceeding the capabilities of any ordinary sound device with a sophisticated voice-activated lesson capture and sharing feature.

A teacher's voice is a powerful educational tool — now more than ever. The Juno digital sound system listens as attentively as students do, so teachers can control important functions simply by talking to it. Want more volume? Just say so!

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