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To Speak to an audio visual expert, please call 0845 094 2199 now.

Leaf Technology are experts at providing quality projector installations.  We've worked closely with manufacturers for years to provide the best projector for the job in any situation, from classroom, hall, boardroom, church or meeting room.


Classroom Projector Installation

Classrooms come in all shapes and sizes and we've got projectors and installation methods to fit all environments. if your school Ceiling Mounted Projectorhas a learning wall or a low ceiling then a ceiling mounted projector is the best solution, where we will mount the projector a few metres away from the screen or whiteboard and run the cabling either in ceiling void or use trunking back to the teachers laptop or PC.

The issue with a ceiling mounted projector is as it is so far away from the screen, when pupils or teachers stand in front of it, then a shadow will be produced on the screen.

The preferred way to install a new projector is to use an "Ultra Short Throw" device. This design will be mounted on the wall directly above the screen or whiteboard and not produce as much of a shadow as a traditional unit.  it will also be far brighter as the technology is far advanced and also the fact that it's closer to the screen.

Wall Mounted ProjectorMany manufacturers are now producing "Ultra Short Throw" projectors, but our preferred units are manufactured by Hitachi, NEC or Epson.  

The Hitachi CP-A222NM is one of our most popular models with it's simple maintenance plan of 4000 hours, easy filter cleaning and a standard usage lamp life of 5000 hours.


School Hall Projector Installations.

Dependent on the type of school, the number of pupils and size of the venue, there are a large amount of options to take into account when planning a school hall projector installation.  Most installations in a hall environments are built up of a 2, 3 or 4 metre screen and a ceiling mounted projector unit.


Projector Throw Diagrams


If your school is looking for any projection solution, why not give Leaf Technology as call on 0845 0942199 and one of our consultants will come over and carry out a site survey and plan  the best solution for your schools needs.

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To Speak to an audio visual expert, please call 0845 094 2199 now.