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Digital Signage

We spend 90% of our time in schools and are seeing the exponential growth of Digital Signage installations, but the vast proportion of display are not being utilised to their full potential.  

That’s why when we install digital signage at your school, you get way more than a screen showing some out of date images on a generic template with the school logo in the corner.

So what would you get if you had a Digital Signage From Leaf Technology?

1. Customer Consultation

Firstly, we'll work with you to find out what you actually want to achieve with the displays as there are a whole host available, from lunch menu's school information, exam timetables, out of school activities and much more. We'll also work with your IT team so that screens can be integrated into the school network and be administered from any location.  

Digital Signage isn't limited to the school reception,  your school may use the hall or the gym in the evening for public activities, so lets explore the possibilities of public information and potentially advertising in the evening periods.  Also having signage in the lunch hall displaying the weeks menu options, which can all be simply administered by the kitchen staff.

2. Graphic Design

Our in house graphic design team will use your schools colours, logo's, website, coat of arms and existing livery to design an eye catching theme for your school which we can use throughout the schools signage network.

Digital Signage

3. Installation 

As digital signage is managed over the network, we can install displays at any location throughout the grounds, be it inside or outdoors.  most installations for displays are in the reception area, lunch halls, six form entrance areas or outside in the front gate or parents collection area.  Our Installation team spend most of their time working inside schools and are used to working around pupils or after class time, so we can achieve a professional installation with the minimum of fuss and hassle.

4. Post Installation And Support

Once the digital signage has been installed and configured, we'll spend time and go through the features and management of the system.  We can even offer ongoing maintenance contracts to keep your system managed and upto date with your information.

Got Any Questions?

If you'd like a demonstration, why not give Leaf Technology a call and we can organise a demonstration and site survey at your location to see how we can help.

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To Speak to an audio visual expert, please call 0845 094 2199 now.