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Genee Powerboard Genee Powerboard is Genee World’s high-spec interactive whiteboard range, displaying the contents of the presenter’s computer screen, and using infrared technology to detect touch from any object, including fingers or the coloured pens provided. Multiple users can interact with the screens simultaneously.

Using the 20 programmable quick keys, you can open your favourite applications at a single touch. A specially coated durable porcelain surface offers minimal glare and easy cleaning. Notes and annotations can be converted to text and saved.


Genee Spark (bundled Free With Powerboard)

Genee Spark, Free With Genee PowerboardsDesigned to work with interactive screens and whiteboards, Genee Spark provides an infinite canvas and a host of features to make your presentations slicker and more professional.

With a diverse catalogue of attractive templates and an extensive image library, you can create professional presentations and lessons that complement your subject. Import local and internet files quickly and easily, and annotate and highlight elements of your live presentation using built-in tools, such as brush, intelligent pen, protractor, eraser, compass, spotlight and ruler.

Open applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint from within Spark, and work on multiple applications without having to toggle between them. Material created in other whiteboard software applications can also be opened by Spark.

Presentations can be recorded easily using the ‘own file recorder’ function and output to AVI and WMV.

Compatible with Windows and Mac

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To Speak to an audio visual expert, please call 0845 094 2199 now.