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PC Werth Soundfield Systems offer a choice of infra-red and radio technologies as both fixed and portable solutions.

Speech forms the majority of what is experienced in the classroom.Front Row Pro Digital A poor acoustic environment has negative effects on both pupils and staff. But improve this one aspect of teaching and you will reap enormous benefits in a very short time.

Our classroom systems are the perfect way to improve speech intelligibility and coverage in the majority of classrooms. Features include power management and a unique anti-feedback technology, to improve usability and performance.

They are all fully compatible with classroom multimedia installations, maximising the performance of interactive whiteboard installations, IT suites and video conferencing.




The world’s first digital infra-red Soundfield system delivers clear, consistent speech free from feedback and interference. Larger schools can install unlimited systems in the knowledge that FrontRow Pro Digital will operate problem-free even in close proximity to other broadcast technology. FrontRow Pro Digital is robust, very simple to use and, thanks to its intelligent power management, very economical.

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FrontRow TEMPO

Tempo Classic FM radio technology is ideal for certain situations – especially schools with large open-plan areas where other technologies struggle. In common with all our other models FrontRow Tempo accepts inputs from all your multi-media equipment.

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FrontRow TOGO

Frontrow ToGo Our portable To Go system is a cordless Soundfield solution available. It recharges for outdoor work or just extra teaching flexibility. The ideal solution to “follow” hearing impaired students or teachers seeking relief from vocal strain in different rooms during the day.Unique, lightweight and fantastically easy to use – that’s FrontRow To Go! Fixed systems like Pro and Tempo are the best you can get – but not all teaching situations need or support fixed systems. Our customers have always demanded a portable equivalent from us and we’re happy to say that FrontRow To Go does it all.

Great for dedicated use by individual teachers or hearing-impaired pupils, it also transforms field trips, ad-hoc presentations and video-conferencing sessions.

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To Speak to an audio visual expert, please call 0845 094 2199 now.