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Mentor Range

Mentor Range Safe storage, robust construction and offering three types of charging, SmartLine, ChargeLine™ and USB – the flagship Mentor™ range has been tried and tested in the most demanding of situations to provide the highest levels of security available in today’s marketplace.

Constructed of fully welded steel to ensure no weak points, reinforced front doors, piano style hinges, high security locks and optional alarm feature are some of the security features that the Mentor provides.

The Mentor storage and charging trolleys are the result of over a decade of research and development. It is built for security and durability yet is simple to use and its unique modular construction allows users to upgrade the trolley’s functionality as their needs change. Mix and match laptops, iPads or tablets in the same trolley, or include peripherals such as a printer to create a fully mobile IT suite.

Available in a three different trolley sizes with a wide variety of modular options. Customers can buy with confidence, knowing that each Mentor™ cabinet has a lifetime warranty for parts and labour.

Mentor Tablet Sync

Mentor Tablet Sync Tablet charge and synchronisation is now available in the extremely popular Mentor range. The Mentor™ range is built offering the highest level of security and the modular design allows for mix and match of device and upgradability.

The Mentor Tablet Sync trolleys offer the ultimate in safe storage, charging and synchronisation for up to 16, 32, 48 or 64 tablets. Accommodates devices in the largest of ruggedised cases and charges simultaneously using the devices own USB cables. Power connectivity and top mounted USB socket is provided for the host laptop or MacBook.

The flagship Mentor range consists of a robust and fully welded steel chassis and does not compromise on build quality or user safety. Due to the various module options users can purchase a complete tablet sync trolley or alternatively may be able to upgrade their existing Mentor™ trolley to accommodate new devices.

All Mentor™ trolleys come with a lifetime warranty.

UnoCart Range

UnoCart Range The business case for the UnoCart™ is as robust as the cabinet itself. Customers looking for safe storage and charging of laptops, netbooks or tablets cannot fail to be impressed by the features, the construction and the functionality of this range. Designed to perform in almost all environments, the UnoCart™ offers quality at an affordable price.

All devices are charged simultaneously via the unique LapSafe® power management system that eliminates tripped fuses or circuit breakers. A smart feature of the UnoCart™ is its neat cable management system for the devices own AC adaptors stowed in the rear of the trolley. Twin thermostatically controlled fans ensure optimum charging temperature is maintained at all times.

A cost effective popular charging trolley with a firm emphasis on manoeuvrability that offers fast easy access to charged devices complete with 270° fold back doors.

The UnoCart™ range is available in 16 bay trolley for laptops and 16|30 bay trolley for tablets.

UnoCart Tablet Sync

UnoCart Tablet Sync Range The growth in the use of iPads and tablets has been exponential. Their functionality and portability is a huge bonus in a world focussed on visual demonstrations of business benefits and engaging students. But in situations where devices need to be shared, stored or moved between locations, the issue of security is very real, not to mention the headache of managing the devices.

The UnoCart Tablet Sync presents a complete solution to store, charge and sync up to 16 or 32 devices in a mobile trolley. Storage and charging for one host laptop or Macbook is also provided. Users can access devices easily and put them to work instantly in the knowledge that they are fully charged, synchronised and ready for action.

With large horizontal foam lined shelves, the UnoCart™ Tablet Sync can accommodate devices in even the largest of ruggedised cases, such as Griffin, Gripcase, Gumdrop and Otterbox.

ClassBuddy Range

ClassBuddy Range Businesses and organisations that need portability of devices will find the ClassBuddy™ range offers an unrivalled and cost effective solution.

The range can accommodate iPads, tablets, Chromebooks and even the largest of laptops or tablets housed in ruggedised cases. Its safe power management includes surge and residual voltage protection and provides safe, simultaneous charging of all devices using their own AC adaptors.

Naturally ventilated, allowing cool air to flow through ventilation holes in the base and shelves, and out through the top rear aperture. On Data Transfer models (see options), twin thermostatically controlled fans are included as standard for optimal temperature control.

The ClassBuddy range is available in 15|20|30 bay trolleys for laptops and 30 bay trolley for tablets. Available in five colours.

Traveller Range

Traveller Range The Traveller range offers portable solutions to store, and charge iPads, tablets, netbooks, Chromebooks, eReaders or games-based learning devices, such as the Nintendo DSi. The Traveller™ accommodating iPads and Tablets also have the ability to sync all devices from a host laptop or Macbook.

Build quality is of the highest standard. Traveller™ cases are suitable for ground or air transportation, for use in the field, or for storage either in the office, classroom or at more demanding industrial environments. Made of highly durable plastic and finished in black, their rugged construction will survive knocks and scratches while offering the highest protection to the valuable devices inside.

You can rest assured that all our Traveller Range incorporates the LapSafe® ultra-safe power management system for user safety.

All cases in the Traveller range have a 3-year return to base warranty.

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